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People’s Voice on Sunrise, and growing support to open schools

April 22, 2020

Our latest People’s Voice poll for The West Australian revealed there’s growing support for opening WA schools in term 2.

Almost half of the West Aussies we surveyed this week said they agree with the McGowan government’s latest decision to open up schools next week. 49% say they agree, while 24% disagree and 27% remain undecided.

This is a notable shift in sentiment from last week, where only around a quarter of West Aussies thought schools should open for term 2!

James Strickland from our Social & Health Team said of these findings: “Things are evolving quickly out there, and support for government decision making is no exception. Public opinion is that McGowan and his government have been doing a great job throughout this crisis, so this shifting support could reflect an element of trust West Aussies have in our Premier to make the right calls.”

In fact, our latest figures show sky-high approval ratings for McGowan and his government, with 90% of West Aussies agreeing he’s doing a good job handling the COVID crisis, with a whopping 54% strongly agreeing.

Check out this morning’s Sunrise segment below:



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