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Dog Spotto: Nick!

April 17, 2020

Welcome to our Weekly Staff Spotlight! Each Friday we’re throwing the spotlight onto one of our Painted Dogs and they answer the questions you’ve always wanted to know! This week’s spotlight falls on Nick; we gave him a few fun questions to answer so take a read below to get to know him a little better!

You’re given a free ticket and $10,000 spending money, where are you headed, who would you take and why?

I would head to Paris to kickstart the trip with my girlfriend Tracie, with the goal of working our way through the rest of France and Italy as we stop at as many gourmet food and wine spots as possible. Food and family have always been a big part of both of our lives, and France and Italy have many renowned locations and some family that I’d love the opportunity to enjoy and share with her.

How do you feel about emojis and abbreviated words (like “u” instead of “you”) in texts and emails?

Oh no I really hate it. I think that emojis used within the appropriate context of an email are great, as long as you’re not using way too many! As for the abbreviation of words like “you” to “u” that’s actually one of my biggest pet peeves, it always makes me cringe.

What’s your favourite zoo animal?

Undoubtedly Elephants! I’ve always thought they were the coolest! Not only are they incredibly intelligent but they’re incredibly social creatures I see a lot of similarities between Elephants and human beings.

What was your very first paying job and how long did you do it for?

My first job was a long time ago; I started working for a bit of pocket money at my local golf club as an assistant for the club doing things like driving around in golf carts to maintain bunkers, collecting the balls on the range and other little tasks. I worked there for nearly 6 years.


To read a little more about Nick, you can check out his professional profile here! Stay tuned for the next staff spotlight!