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Overwhelming support for the State Government during COVID-19

April 15, 2020


Partnering again with and The West Australian newspaper, Painted Dog Research is continuing to share results gathered from our People’s Voice survey as we navigate our way through the COVID-19 situation.

It’s important to know how we’re all tracking throughout this time, and we’re proud to be providing decision makers, both within our home state and nationally, with insights that will help guide and shape their response to this crisis.

Some of the highlights from our latest People’s Voice Survey are below…

Concern and worries of West Aussies

One in two (49%) West Aussies say they are ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ concerned about the COVID-19 situation, with over 55y/olds showing greater concern (58%) than 18-34y/olds (39%).

When it comes to what West Aussies are specifically worried about, a quarter note their top worry as the impact this is all having on the economy. Interestingly, only 14% worry about the impact on their physical health and just under one in ten (9%) worry about their mental well-being.

Opening borders and schools

Almost three quarters (72%) are in favour of keeping current border restrictions in place (no interstate or international travel) for a year or longer if it means local businesses can open sooner. Back in March, 74% of you said we should close our international borders, so this is still consistent.

It seems, however, that opinion is split as to whether schools should re-open after the current holidays. Collectively a third (34%) say they should re-open. The proportion of those saying schools should close has risen from when we measured it in March from 29% up to 43% now.

Performance of Government

Overwhelmingly, West Aussies agree that the State Government has done a good job at handling the COVID-19 crisis. While 90% agree overall, a whopping 54% say they ‘strongly agree’ Premier McGowan and his crew are doing a great job.


Stay tuned as we keep sharing our results. Be sure to stay safe and be kind to one another!

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