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Time Flies When You’re a Painted Dog!

February 12, 2024


There was a lot to celebrate at Painted Dog last week, with our very own Marissa celebrating her 10 year anniversary with us!

Marissa has been an integral part of the team over the last decade, even though it still feels like it was only yesterday since she joined the pack. It has been amazing to watch Marissa grow over the years and she has achieved so much. From her early days as a university graduate to her current role as Group Account Director, alongside her roles as a wife and mother, Marissa has flourished in every aspect of her life and career. We couldn’t be prouder of her achievements – she inspires and teaches us so much every day!

We’re sure our clients and suppliers who have worked with Marissa over the years can attest to how much energy, drive and smarts she brings to every project.

The Perth team got together and celebrated the best way we know how – with cake. We also compiled a slideshow of photos from the past decade, so the team could look back and reminisce while celebrating Marissa.

We’re so proud of you Marissa, we cannot wait to see what the next 10 years have in store for you!