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Do West Aussies still support Australia Day?

January 25, 2024


Did you catch us on the front page of the West again yesterday? The results of what has become our annual poll regarding the WA public’s sentiment towards changing the date of Australia Day were published.


Over the past 4 years, we have surveyed thousands of Western Australians to gauge their stance on whether or not they agree with retaining January 26th as Australia Day. This year we spoke to another n=1,401 people to capture their sentiment. Our findings show that just under a third (29%) of West Aussies want to move the date (the exact same result as last year), with younger generations continuing to lead the charge for change.



Although, more than half (55%) would prefer the date to remain the same, which is primarily driven by men aged 55+. Finally, 16% sit on the fence and don’t have a preference if the date is changed or not.

These results all very closely mirror what we saw this time last year – however looking back to 2020, there has been a notable shift in attitudes towards more West Aussie’s supporting a date change. The proportion of our community disagreeing with the current date has increased from 21% to 29% over this period – while those who support the date remaining as it is has decreased from 65% to 55%.

But what do you think? To have YOUR say and take part in next year’s poll (and others like it), sign-up to RewardingViews: