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Shapeshifting into 2024 

November 24, 2023


Women in Research (WIRe) Event, Melbourne 

The Painted Dog team in Melbourne had the pleasure of attending the Women in Research (WIRe) event this week, an excellent opportunity for the Pack to meet some of our industry peers and learn more about what is going on in the broader industry.  

WIRe is a not-for-profit organisation, who stand as leaders for diversity in the market research industry. Their mission revolves around advancing the contributions and voices of women in research and marketing, not just for individual growth but also for the greater good of the industry. As firm believers and advocates for the positive impact of women in business, the Painted Dogs were eager to participate in an event that resonates with our commitment to inclusivity and diversity. 

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the panel discussion featuring four outstanding industry leaders, with discussion focused on ‘Shapeshifting into 2024’. Their stories were not just professional narratives but stories of resilience, creativity, and the willingness to step outside the conventional career trajectory. The panelists urged attendees to shift beyond the traditional linear career path mindset, emphasising the importance of having a thirst for learning, connecting, and taking a chance on emerging passion areas. Their anecdotes encourage us all to discover new adventures even in familiar environments and broaden our horizons to transfer skills to new and innovating ways of working. 

Thank you to WIRe for organising a great evening, and to the panelists for sharing their invaluable insights. Here’s to celebrating women in research and embracing the endless possibilities ahead!