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Good Luck Mama Milici

February 27, 2023


Our very own Mama Milici (formerly Marissa Barbaro) had her last day before beginning her maternity leave last week. We’re still reeling! In a bittersweet celebration, the whole pack marched to Pappagallo’s Italian restaurant, where we shared a delicious lunch together as a team with the soon-to-be mother.

As a senior member of the team, Marissa has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s direction, as well as being a role model to her colleagues – offering support, guidance and encouragement. We’ll miss her drive and energy in the office each day!

As Marissa prepares to embark on her next adventure as a mother, the team at Painted Dog is filled with mixed emotions. While we will certainly miss her presence in the office, we are thrilled to see her start this new chapter in her life. Marissa has been a key member of the pack for over 9 years, and whilst she certainly won’t be gone for too long, we are excited to see her off on this grand adventure.

Wishing Marissa so much luck and love for the safe arrival of your beautiful baby boy! We can’t wait to meet him.