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Go on, be kind!

February 17, 2023


Have you ever had someone do something incredibly kind for you, completely out of the blue, and it just made your day? Bringing more of that joy into the world is the purpose of Random Acts of Kindness day (RAOK day), which is today! Every year on the 17th of February, RAOK day is run by the RAOK Foundation, a small non-profit whose goal is to “make kindness the norm”—something we completely stand behind here at Painted Dog!

There are countless things you could do to take part: help your neighbour with their garden; bring homemade snacks into the office; sign up to be an organ donor and so much more. RAOK day doesn’t have to involve grand gestures (though it certainly can!); something as simple as a compliment can leave someone glowing. However, it’s not about saving up all your kindness for one day of the year and being an absolute grinch for the other 364. Ultimately, the goal of RAOK day is to raise awareness about how kindness can brighten everyday life.

With that in mind, the foundation has resources on their website on how you can effectively bring the ethos of RAOK day into your personal and work lives. Their 7 steps to create kindness in the workplace resource provides a framework for transforming your office into a place where kindness is king, and their Kindness Calendar is exactly what the name suggests—a calendar you can print that has a unique idea for bringing kindness into each and every day.

For more information on RAOK day, visit