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October 31, 2022

Halloween has become a solid staple (and crowd favourite) in the Painted Dog office – with this being our third year of spooky festivities. It’s very amusing to watch people trickle into the office in costume and seeing what creativity (and laziness for some of us) has been mustered. Especially with client facing meetings and teams calls – there was a lot of into costume / out of costume / back into costume again throughout the day, not to mention local coffee runs through Leederville. 

We began the day decorating the office with appropriately themed accessories – a few skeletons here and there, pumpkins, spiders and the obligatory webbing. Each staff member was assigned a common ‘fear’ which was placed on a label stuck to their backs for them to guess throughout the day – a fun and educational activity as most people didn’t know what their fear was. Ruben was the first to guess his phobia which was ‘Phobophobia’….a fear of phobias; followed closely by Catherine with ‘Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia’ – the fear of long words (incase you didn’t get that). 

The true festivities kicked off after hours with some very creative cake decorating, some further spooky games and then dinner at our local Kitsch Bar which is always delicious.