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The WA Community weighs In…

November 18, 2022


Fuelled by recent news headlines about a Perth teenager who was hospitalised with injuries from a police dog, the conversations around youth justice issues in WA are ongoing and divisive. So, we asked the WA community to weigh in on the topic, and it seems these issues may not be quite as divisive as we may have thought… 

We found ourselves on 7 News again this week with the latest People’s Voice survey conducted for Seven West Media. The survey found that a large majority (84%) of West Aussies actually agree that children aged 14 years and younger need to be detained when committing serious crimes. Likewise, 80% support the WA Police’s use of trained dogs to chase and apprehend these children. 7 News reported these results as quite shocking – potentially revealing an underlying priority for community safety over youth justice. 

So it seems that for the most part, the community supports the decisions and actions of the WA Police. But what do you think? To have YOUR say and take part in our next poll, sign-up to RewardingViews: