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The Dog’s Pods!

September 28, 2022

Having just enjoyed a nice long weekend, a fair few Painted Dog’s found themselves coming back into the office this week talking about podcasts. With lots of driving to/from a weekend away, going for long leisurely walks, pottering around the garden, or getting into some spring cleaning around the house, there was plenty of listening time! And with international podcast day just around the corner (this Friday 30th September), we decided to share and celebrate some of our favourite podcasts with each other!  

Asking around the office, we learned that nearly all of the pack have a podcast (or six!) on the go. But we’re all listening to podcasts for different reasons – to fill the airwaves and create some background noise, for something to occupy us while driving or exercising, for education and to learn, for fun and entertainment, or to better and improve ourselves (just to name a few!). 

And it turns out others are just as inquisitive about podcasts and listening habits too – and we stumbled across some cool stats online. As of this year, Australia is the number one podcasting-listening country, with 40% of the population (aged 12+) listening to a podcast – ahead of the US on 38%. Per week, we’re listening to around 7 episodes, and spending just over 7 hours engaged with podcasts – a dramatic increase from last year when we spent just 5 hours a week listening!  

If you’re thinking about getting into podcasts, are looking for some listening material, or can’t wait until the next episode of your favourite podcast is released, try something out from the extensive (but by no means all inclusive) list of Painted Dog recommendations below!