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New Dogs on the Block

August 5, 2022

A solid welcome to our newbies Ben and Ejaz. Our Data Tech team are a unique bunch. As expected, they’re well versed in data analytics, advanced problem-solving abilities, wizardry with numbers and a whole host of other skills that are seriously impressive. To top it off, we seem to have attracted more creatives to the team! Our two newest recruits Ben and Ejaz are both musos something that does seem to be a common hobby amongst the DT team at Painted Dog. We love that we continue to attract quality talent that also reflect and embrace our brand!  

As is tradition, we asked them to tell us what drew them to Painted Dog and how they’ve enjoyed their first week with us in the office. Take a read below:  

Why Painted Dog? What attracted you to us?  

Ben: Painted Dog Research first came onto my radar a few years ago when the company I was working for engaged them for a one-off market research project. When I was looking for new work recently, I immediately recognised their name and logo and as I read through the job description, it felt like they were talking directly to me! I applied straight away and from my very first interactions with Andrew and the team, I knew I didn’t want to be anywhere else. 

Ejaz: I was looking for a change from IT to more of a data science/software development focus and applied for a role with Painted Dog – Andrew had checked out my interests and skillset and proposed DT. I then had a look at the PDR website and was intrigued by the name – it was cool to see all the team blurbs and photos to get a snapshot of the team and everyone’s interests 

What are you most excited about / looking forward to in your role? 

Ben: I’m most looking forward to building on my existing skills in all things data-related and working on a vast array of projects from many different sectors. The opportunity to do this in collaboration with such a talented and driven team and draw on everybody’s unique experience is also super-exciting. 

Ejaz: For some context, my background is in scientific research in bioinformatics and recently a switch to trying out IT as I became more interested in computer science and data science. I knew very little about market research prior to joining PDR. I am looking forward to learning more, being part of the team, getting up to speed, and excited to develop skills in data tech/data science. I’m (very slowly between juggling work and my 9-month-old daughter) progressing through a course in web development as well and hoping there may be scope to apply some of it in the role. 

What was the highlight of your first week? 

Ben: My first week with Painted Dog was a great experience all round, however the highlight would have to have been attending the EOFY staff party. Being only five days in, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had a great time getting to know everybody in a more casual setting and experiencing the office culture in full swing! 

Ejaz: Meeting everyone so far and hearing the stories from the office EOFY party.  

Best piece of advice you received from another staff member so far?  


Ben: The best piece of advice I’ve received so far was to get on to organising emails into separate project folders immediately! With so many projects in motion at once, this really helped me stay on top of things in the first week. 

Ejaz: A few people had advised keeping my email inbox organised in project folders from Day 1. My Outlook account was created a few weeks before I started. When I logged in for the first time, there were already ~500 emails that needed sorting!