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Human Insights Conference 2022

August 11, 2022


It’s that time of year again and Painted Dog are very excited to be preparing for the Human Insights Conference of 2022 held in Sydney – an event which hasn’t been held in person in quite some time! We love attending industry conferences but we’re also passionate about standing up and sharing the insights we’ve worked hard to find and learn (the internal competition to submit a paper for consideration was very high this year!).

This year we’re very honoured to have had a paper accepted and be invited to join the list of industry professionals speaking at this popular event. The representatives for Painted Dog Research will be Principal Justin Scerri and our General Manager for Melbourne, Matthew Scott co-presenting the paper, “Size isn’t everything.” Take a read of the paper synopsis below:

Size isn’t everything

To keep up with the speed and complexity of marketing today, we need to adopt a new mindset and agile ways for conducting research that provides marketers with more information than they have had before, and with smaller budgets. To inform a discussion around the power of agile research, we conducted a meta-analysis of projects and compared results at varying levels of sample sizes to explore the question, ‘Can small data be just as valuable as big data? When does this most apply? In which situations might we be able to avoid the default inflated sample sizes common in our industry today?’

Our paper looked at over 100 studies completed by Painted Dog Research across a mix of industries (from finance, health, retail, through to consumer products, resources and insurance) and a mix of common marketing questions (satisfaction, brand health, market sizing, concept testing and community consultation). With the findings of this paper, Painted Dog Research hopes to share some evidence that challenges current thinking and supports the research industry’s move towards being more agile. In a world where big data is becoming king, small data could more often be a better fit.


Filmmaker and documentarian (and many other things…) Louis Theroux will be ‘headlining’ the event to bring a little celebrity power to the ensemble, discussing insights about humans he’s picked up from his years of talking to people all over the world. Check out the program here ( if you want to find out more.