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One organ donor can save up to seven lives!

July 29, 2022


To coincide with #DonateLifeWeek (24th-31st July) here are some stats to support and raise awareness about how important organ donation is, a topic close to our hearts!


 “This is a very important cause that means a lot to me, and something that isn’t spoken about enough! If you are thinking of becoming an organ donor, please do it as it can be life-changing for someone else!” – Thomas, Account Executive at Painted Dog Research

If you have ever thought of becoming an organ donor, this week is a great opportunity to register! It only takes ONE minute to save up to SEVEN lives! If interested register here:

One important point about the whole processes is that it always come down to the family’s consent, despite if you’ve registered!


It’s important to facilitate and foster that discussion. Being open about the topic and letting your loved ones know your wishes can be the deciding factor with consent.


Painted Dog Research aims to support social and health initiatives where we can, and we think the data supports just how important organ donation can be in saving lives now and in the future.

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