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Attention passengers: we’re experiencing some light turbulence…

July 19, 2022


Just as Australians start exploring the world again after almost 3 years stuck at home, we’ve been hit by the next roadblock – airport delays! While school holidays are always a busy time for travel, these past few weeks have been a very challenging time for Qantas, with chaos unfolding at airports across the country. We’ve all seen the recent headlines and heard of stories of long lines at check-in counters, flight delays and even cancellations as a result of COVID-related staffing shortages. So once again, we took to the polls to find out how West Aussie’s feel about the situation and if they think Qantas was prepared enough for the return of travel.

As revealed by The West Australian on Friday, our People’s Voice Poll of over 1,200 people found that only a quarter (24%) agree that Qantas is prepared enough for post-pandemic travel. And people want change, starting from the top, with 41% thinking Qantas Chief Executive Alan Joyce shouldn’t continue in his role as a result of the situation. Alarmingly, over half (53%) feel less positive towards Qantas than they did a few weeks ago – proving that Qantas’s reputation as ‘the spirit of Australia’ could be a little tarnished after this turbulence.

But, fear not! We should still be proud to call Australia home! Mr Joyce continues to reassure Australians that we actually have it pretty good down here. Despite the havoc we’re experiencing, the situation across the globe is even worse, with staffing shortages impacting airlines and airports everywhere. Just this week, Heathrow Airport made the headlines for having 18,000 bags on one day that had to be left behind and couldn’t travel with passengers! That’s a lot of ‘can I speak to the manager?’ complaints to deal with…

Needless to say, it’s not stopping people from getting on planes – is it just us, or does it seem like every second person we know is living it up somewhere exotic at the moment?! Just in our office, Principals Justin and Claudia have just returned from exploring Italy and Greece, while Business Analyst Bill has been busy sunning himself on a tropical vacay in Fiji! But we’re not jealous at all. It’s fine.

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