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Data Scientist by Day…

May 19, 2022

The Painted Dog team are so proud to see our multi-talented head of Data Science and Executive Director, Michelle, on the big stage at the IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship in Zagreb, Croatia!

Michelle’s talent doesn’t stop with numbers and data science, she brings a massive amount of skill as a forward in the ice rink too – finishing the 2020 tournament as the highest goal scorer with 9 goals!

As expected, she’s picked up at the 2022 tournament right where she left off – with a goal and two assists in a 7-0 win against Turkey! Us Painted Dogs are cheering her on from around the globe and will be watching Australia’s next game against Croatia on May 19th on the big screen in the Perth office! Fingers crossed the team can have a repeat of 2020 where Australia beat Croatia 15-0!

Keep up to date with the Word Ice Hockey Championships and watch Michelle (number 19) in action here IIHF – Home 2022 IIHF ICE HOCKEY WOMEN’S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Division II, Group B