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ScoMo no (young) ladies’ man

May 18, 2022

If you stay across current events and keep an ear to the local media ground, you’ve probably been hearing some rather scathing words that young women in WA have to say about our current Prime Minister…

The West Australian newspaper commissioned Painted Dog to poll hundreds of 18-29 year-old women around WA on their feelings toward the PM – and on Sunday its reporters went out and interviewed 50 young women on the streets of Perth to hear it straight from their mouths.

What both of us found was that Mr Morrison isn’t in a fantastic place among this key demographic ahead of Saturday’s federal election. Our polling of young women revealed only 14% of them are satisfied with his performance as Prime Minister! (Compare that to the 91% satisfaction rating Mark ‘State Daddy’ McGowan garnered among young women when polled a little while back and the difference is pretty telling…)

But their feelings towards keeping ScoMo on as PM extend beyond just their approval of his performance – they also think he and his government would do a worse job managing the economy and keeping cost of living in check than his competitor Albo. Only 37% (vs 63%) of young women think ScoMo will manage the economy better than Albo, and 33% (vs 67%) think he’ll do a better job managing cost of living.

With an election penned to be won on both personality and cost of living policy, these results should raise a few eyebrows for the Liberal party going into the weekend…

Check out the clip below giving our results a shout out on Sunrise yesterday.