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The Pack hunts for more

May 4, 2022

Here at Painted Dog we have always worked hard for our success – but are careful not to rest on our laurels. As seen recently, we’ve continued to bring fresh faces into the fold, and are always looking to improve on what we do to make a meaningful impact. As part of this constant drive for improvement, we recently held our annual strategic planning and training sessions. 

Coinciding with Data Tech Manager Andrew’s visit home from Germany, our Melbourne-based team flew over to Perth so that all could be involved in our planning for the year ahead. We focussed on becoming a high performance team and coming up with ways to be more agile in the way we work. 

The team brought excitement, curiosity, and an open-mind to each and every session. The challenge was clearly outlined for us and the thought-provoking conversations have continued long beyond our sessions. And of course, we topped off a great week with a team building lunch and bonding afternoon.  

While we stay connected to our core values and what has made us who we are – part of our success is our ability to adapt and stay ahead of the pack. Very exciting times here at Painted Dog moving forward – stay tuned!