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Changing winds on border policy support?

November 10, 2021


We found ourselves back in the pages of The West Australian newspaper this morning following our latest People’s Voice survey conducted for Seven West Media.

The survey found that 72% of West Aussies back Premier McGowan’s just-released border policy, allowing quarantine-free interstate and international travel by early 2022 if we can reach a 90% double dose vaccination rate.

The once considered ‘near impossible’ vaccination target seems pretty popular – but while this is still big support for the Premier’s plans, there’s indications that a desire to re-open the border sooner rather than later may be growing, and the un-checked allegiance to what the big man says may be dwindling…

Less than a month ago, 82% of West Australians were behind the government’s then-current border policy – and back a whole year ago, that support was at 92%.

Obviously big news to see an ongoing shift in sentiment among the locals, so we weren’t surprised to see the results get a nice 90 second segment on Sunrise this morning, too. Matt Tinney and the team once again giving Painted Dog a good shoutout!

Check out the Sunrise segment below.