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Our Data Tech and Science (DT&S) team goes global

June 10, 2021

Painted Dog Research has entered the world of global expansion!

Painted Dog prides itself on continuously improving its Data Tech and Science (DT&S) tools, techniques and expertise. In order to keep up with the rapidly changing DT&S landscape, Painted Dog has further expanded into Europe with the creation of a full-time, permanent position located in Dusseldorf (Mönchengladbach), Germany.

The move to Germany puts Painted Dog at the heart of Europe, where some of the world’s leading innovations in automation, survey and panel management platforms, data science, neuroscience, text analytics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and data security are originating.  Having a European-based Painted Dog also puts us in the same time zone as the leading disruptors in this space.

Andrew Lim and his partner Alexandra (Alex to us) have accepted the challenge of moving to Germany, which turns out to be not much of a challenge at all!  Alex was originally from Germany, so the move for her is simply a move back home where they will both be closer to her family during this exciting chapter in their lives.

Andrew will continue to lead the DT team at Painted Dog as Data Tech Manager, but from Germany! Given we’ve all been working from home a lot during COVID, the fact that Andrew is now using Teams from Germany really doesn’t have any downsides (apart from missing him at drinks on Fridays at The Garden) – only upsides! 

Our Head of DT&S Michelle Clark-Crumpton, along with the Principals of Painted Dog, will continue to oversee the growth and success of the team with continued expansion from the Head Office in Perth. 

So, Jemandem die Daumen drücken (translates to “Pressing the Thumbs” which is German for good luck) over there Andrew (and Alex), we’re looking forward to taking Painted Dog to the next level!