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Into the Doghouse: The future is looking bright!

August 27, 2021


August has been a big month at Painted Dog – we have three new employees and the office has been a whirlwind of introductions, inductions and baking (wait, no, only Noah has brought in baked treats)..  

Introducing from left to right: Noah, Account Executive; Zachary, Data Tech Executive; and Tara, Account Executive.

These three have hit the ground running and we’re super excited to see them join our team. We asked them to complete the below questions about how they chose Painted Dog Research and how their first week went..

1. Why Painted Dog? What attracted you to the team?

Noah: After deciding not to pursue a postgraduate education, I began trawling through Seek and other job listing sites for fulltime employment. I stumbled across a listing by Painted Dog and saw that my talents and values aligned with theirs. Upon doing a deep dive into the company I found myself interested in exploring the opportunity further and plying my capabilities in a way that was significant. From an outsider’s view; the physical workplace looked enticing, the work completed meaningful, and the culture strong.   

Zach: During covid, I realised how interested I was in data science, polling and market research in general. I found the job at PDR advertised on Seek and got three lines in and knew I wanted the job. Apply, apply, apply… My cover letter was not subtle haha

Tara: Painted Dog does it all! I love how much they do inhouse so you get to be a part of the whole process; word of mouth; the colourful logo and unique website allows you to see the culture from the outside.


2. What are you most excited about and looking forward to?

Noah: I am most excited about the everchanging daily schedule that working as a consultant brings. I love the idea of working on different projects, being exposed to a multitude of clients and forming a strong rapport with all the talented consultants at Painted Dog. I am excited to put my best foot forward and make a positive difference in everything that I do!

Zach: To actually learn the process, the nitty gritty of the day to day tasks and how my role in Data Tech will fit into the end product delivered to the client.

Tara: I am excited for no day to be the same and I am looking forward to working with a diverse range of clients both large and small.  


3. What was the highlight of your first week at Painted Dog?

Noah: The highlight of my first week was for sure being welcomed so warmly into a tightknit group. From day dot I felt as though I belonged, almost seamlessly fitting in around a cohesive team of talented individuals. I thoroughly appreciated the effort everyone put in so that I was able to hit the ground running.

Zach: I am contractually obliged to say “Bill was the highlight of my first week”.

Tara: Finding out the PDR team colour codes their image files!


4. Best piece of advice you were given by a PDR staff member?

Noah: The best piece of advice I have received (so far) is from my buddy, Sean. He mentioned on my first day not to say yes to everything people ask me to do as the tasks you’ve accepted can get away from you pretty quickly. So sure enough, heeding his great advice, on my second day I was handing out yeses like Oprah hands out cars – you get a yes, you get a yes, and you get a yes! Luckily, I was able to follow through on the jobs I accepted but I will pay more respect to Sean’s advice from now on!

Zach: From Matt: “Don’t be afraid to not know people’s names… took me at least a month…”

Tara: Be sure you like dogs (even if you don’t).

We’re feeling super lucky to have these three join the Pack – welcome aboard! We’re sure you’ll do great things!