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The ‘Milkshake’ Mistake: The Importance of Concept Testing

April 22, 2021


After seeing the outcry of ‘missing the mark’, we got thinking about just how important our role can be…

Painted Dog Research has worked on numerous campaign developments during the past 14 years, across a wide range of topics, audiences, and industries for clients from both the private and public sector.

We have seen a lot of concepts, that have never made it to light, but more importantly, have possibly helped saved campaigns from situations such as the one that The Good Society is currently experiencing. This Milkshake mistake acts as a cautionary tale for any client when it comes to pushing the boundaries between doing something outside the norm, showing ambition and creativity while still delivering on the objectives of the campaign itself.

How we’ve helped our clients avoid this

Painted Dog has a range of methodologies, tools and techniques that we regularly recommend to our clients, some of these include those from our own suite of products:

PDquicktest: which tests concepts among big samples, detailing what each demographic thinks of your campaign concepts before they go live.

Another one of our product options that is available is PDneuro. PDneuro is our suite of neuromarketing tools that help measure and understand subconscious attention, thoughts, emotions and memory processing.


Both of these products can be used at any stage of the creative development across different collateral and executions such as TVCs, storyboards and even still images including outdoor, print and digital ads. We can even use them to optimise billing statements, point of sale merchandising, product packaging and invoices.

Of course we can’t forget the more traditional method, the ‘good old’ focus group, be that face to face or online, which these days can also be turned around super quick if needed.

Feel free to reach out and contact us for more information.