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Easter Egg Drop Challenge

April 1, 2021


We like to celebrate Easter at Painted Dog – it’s something we do every year – any excuse to find our inner child! This year new ideas were presented by the SWOT team (our team in charge of social events) and they paired old with new – hot cross buns followed by an egg drop challenge.

Similar to the staff themselves the designs were creative, varied and some rather peculiar and unique.

This particular design of Bill’s received much ridicule before the first round where it floated majestically to the ground and remained perfectly intact (to much shock from the audience).

Other designs were not so lucky..

The champions to make it through to the final round where things got…infinitely harder. With the crowd cheering for increased fatalities, these eggs were instead thrown across the room (or in some cases directly at the wall) to see if there could be a single champion. There could not.

It should also be said here that Liam refused to unwrap his design and check his egg’s vitals in between rounds which surprisingly went unnoticed…

…what did not go unnoticed was a secret change in the design to Chris’s egg in between rounds 1 and 2 where he felt a tweak was required after checking his own egg’s vitals. Claudia questioned the integrity of this but upon conferring with the adjudicator CB was shockingly allowed to continue.

This design of Matt Morrish’s was also rather ingenious, however it wasn’t quite strong enough to survive a pitched throw at the wall (what a surprise).

A great event with many laughs – we hope your Easter is just as fun… maybe you should try an egg drop challenge? Happy Easter everyone!