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Mates with Matt Tinney: Painted Dog back on Sunrise

June 1, 2020


“Almost 90% – that’s how many West Aussies support the Premier’s decision to keep WA closed to the rest of Australia”…

… says Matt Tinney, host of Channel 7’s ‘Sunrise’.

He’s talking about our latest People’s Voice survey with The West Australian and Seven West Media this week, which found 87% of West Australians think we should keep our ‘hard borders’ up until the Eastern States get on top of COVID-19, even if it means staying closed for months or even longer. Watch the segment below.


We’re clearly feeling protective of how good we’ve got it in WA…

Support is now even stronger than when we asked the same question back in April, where 80% were in support of WA shutting the gate.

While support for our hard border is strong and has increased across all ages, it’s growing strongest among the younger age group of 18-39 year-olds.

In April, 77% of 18-39 y/olds were in favour, compared to 85% of 40-59s and 79% of over 60s. Now, 90% of 18-39 y/olds are in favour (a 13% differential increase), compared to 90% of 40-59s (5% differential increase) and 84% of over 60s (also a 5% differential increase).

The apparent ‘shock border result’ also made it onto the front page of The West today — we’re getting quite used to hearing our name on TV and reading it in the paper… and we’re loving being able to give voice to the people of WA, especially in such tough and uncertain times!


The People’s Voice was designed to help anyone – businesses and individuals – ask questions and understand the thoughts and feelings of West Australians.

People’s Voice gives you the chance to ask both current and potential customers what their attitudes and opinions are towards your brand or products and have the ability track these as we navigate through these unprecedented changes in our world.

To find out more information about it and how you can get involved, visit the People’s Voice website: