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Michelle celebrates 10 years at Painted Dog!

November 27, 2019


This week, one of our executive directors Michelle Clark-Crumpton (MCC) celebrated a massive milestone… her 10 year anniversary with Painted Dog Research!

Michelle joined Painted Dog as an account manager in the early days back in 2009. This ‘leap of faith’ saw her leaving a prominent multi-national business where she’d already started to establish herself. But she believed in what Justin, Claudia and Chris were doing, backed herself, and jumped on board!

Since then, she’s led literally hundreds of projects, worked with just as many clients, and climbed her way up the ladder to become a key part of our executive leadership team. She also heads up our internal Data Science team (very suiting for our self-confessed data nerd!). Did we mention she’s also an elite ice hockey player?

To celebrate this impressive anniversary, we sat down with MCC earlier this week to ask her a couple of questions about her time at Painted Dog, and how it all began…


Thinking back to your very first day at Painted Dog Research, what were you thinking and feeling?

I was excited and nervous. I was leaving an established multi-national business to join a very small team in a tiny office in Northbridge. But I believed in the vision for PDR and the three Ps (Claudia, Justin and Chris). I knew the business was going to grow and I wanted to be a part of it. I felt welcomed from Day 1.

Would you say you feel, less excited, just as excited or more excited about coming to work 10 years on? Why is that?

I’m more excited these days! We’ve got such a great team of people now and have built a great culture here which makes me want to be in the office. It also helps that we have frequent doggie visitors. The business has changed so much in 10 years, as has my role within it, but I still enjoy working with so many great clients and doing research that makes a positive difference.

How would you describe your best day at work?

My best day would have to involve data analysis. I’m a self-confessed data nerd so I love trying new data science techniques and finding new insights. I also enjoy teaching others about data science and sharing my passion for it, so a good day would involve this too. Plus a good coffee and a laugh over lunchtime.

What words of advice would you give yourself back then?

Definitely take the chance and join Painted Dog. It will be a challenge but you’ll learn so much, meet so many great people and grow both professionally and personally.


Well, we’re glad you took the leap and joined the team all those years ago Michelle – and we know all our clients and staff agree! We couldn’t have done it without you and your big heart, brilliant mind, contagious laugh, and above-and-beyond attitude. And we promise we’ll never get tired of hearing you express your deep love for data, statistics and spreadsheets…