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The sun’ll come out… for about half

October 21, 2019


Daylight savings continues to polarise the WA community.

It’s the great debate of our great state – an extra hour of light in the evening, or in the morning?

Our latest ‘People’s Voice’ poll published in The West Australian revealed that around 55% of the 774 people we asked support having daylight savings in Western Australia. But, over 40% are opposed to the idea, and 5% remain undecided. This close split probably reflects that support for daylight savings comes down to individual preference and circumstance – we all lead different lives that keep us inside (and take us outside) at different times of the day!

And this is pretty clear in the interesting sub-group differences that emerged…

Support generally decreases with age and life stage

Perth metro residents are more likely to support it

Employment type plays a strong role in preference


Both major parties of government in WA have been clear that there won’t be another referendum on the issue anytime soon – but it’s still interesting to keep tabs on how people feel about this divisive topic!

Check out The West Australian’s coverage of our poll results here: New poll suggests West Australians now support daylight saving


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