Why We Stand Out

Our innovative, cutting-edge methods, tools and techniques are just the beginning. Five other traits keep us ahead of the pack.  

We don't sell 'off the rack' solutions

We spend our time designing solutions to solve specific, individual problems. We don't push, or hide behind, pre-packaged products - we don't need to.

We're 100% privately owned

The owners of Painted Dog work in the business & have a vested interest in doing great work & keeping clients happy. We care about the success of our clients & our staff because we know that their success ensures ours.

We work hard...but always have time for a laugh

We're proud of our team. You won't find another research team who works harder for you than us. We feel lucky to be surrounded by a great bunch of genuine people who care about what they do & like to have fun together along the way. 100% real here.