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Welcome to the Pack, Del!

June 11, 2024

It’s been a week since we welcomed Delphine Poet to the Pack and we’re so excited she’s here! She’s joined the team with ease and taken everything in her stride and we’re looking forward to seeing her progress with the team as she settles in. Take a read about what attracted Del to Painted Dog and find out how her first week went below.

  1. Why Painted Dog? What attracted you to us? Painted Dog Research has a great reputation on the market. It is a growing company, with a great client portfolio, and a very interesting way of doing things. I was instantly attracted to their culture, and the fact that it is so dynamic and bursting with life and events. I like working as a team and I felt drawn to work with the Pack.
  2. What are you most excited about / looking forward to in your role? I am super excited to dive in and learn how things are done here. One thing that really thrills me is developing my skills in the qualitative department. I believe combining both qualitative and quantitative approaches can be such a great way to deepen analysis, however many market research companies separate these two. Painted Dog Research does things differently and I was drawn to their fresh take on this.
  3. What was the highlight of your first week? Going to get coffee and catch up every morning with the team in the beautiful Leederville area. 
  4. Best piece of advice you received from another staff member so far? Ruben has been incredibly helpful with how to organise emails and communicate proactively with other team members. I also got great advice on how and where to find parking in Leederville – a daily challenge around here!