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Painted Dog geniuses!

March 11, 2024


Last week, to celebrate Jacqui and Matt visiting from Melbourne, a few of the pack attended a local quiz night. What better way to end the week than by sharing a few laughs and potentially flexing our general knowledge. We have a diverse team with a good coverage of random knowledge so the chances of doing well were actually pretty good!

Table constraints meant we were split across two tables but we entered battle happily with sibling-like competitiveness. Both teams were determined to beat the other but the winning team claimed bragging rights over not just our second table, but the entire room!  

Whether it was Ben’s extremely diverse knowledge, Ruben’s niche musical expertise or Catherine’s last second answer before the final buzzer, the team absolutely smashed it. Most importantly, everyone had a great time and the room was filled with laughter making it a great event to wrap up our Melbourne team’s visit.