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A Winter Games Night to Remember

August 10, 2023


As the winter chill has descended on Leederville over recent weeks, our resident SWAT (Social, Wellbeing, and Training) Team decided that it was only right to transform the office into a cozy setting for a ‘Winter Warmer’ games night. Yet another busy week in the office, paired with a visit from one of our Executive Directors from Melbourne (Matt), meant the timing was just right for a night of fun, laughter, and relaxation. With mulled wine sending inviting aromas wafting through the air, and a drool-worthy assortment of snacks laid out, the pack downed tools and gathered (and perhaps prepared themselves…) for the night ahead. Laughter, camaraderie, and fierce competitiveness filled the room as classic board games and modern favourites took centre stage, making for a memorable evening.

The star-studded lineup of games brought out the competitive yet light-hearted spirit in all of us. Laughs echoed as Telestrations sparked artistic mayhem, turning simple sketches into simply hilarious misunderstandings. Articulate challenged our ability to communicate under pressure, leading to moments of hilarious wordplay and creative interpretations. Modern sensibilities met with internet humour in What Do You Meme, evoking a cascade of laughter as colleagues paired witty captions with viral images. The excitement didn’t stop there, as Pass the Pigs brought out the inner risk-taker, and Quoridor pushed our strategic thinking to the limits.

With each game played, each individuals’ competitiveness reached new heights. Fortunately, no tantrums were had, nor games flipped and sent flying across the room – making this ‘Winter Warmer’ a resounding success, and a now requested staple for winters to come.

Keep an eye on the blog for all things Painted Dog-office, and for a potential night of rematches (many which have already been requested) in the future!