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What a Day!

April 21, 2023

At Painted Dog, we know that looking after our staff’s mental and physical well-being is essential, and we’re always looking for new ways to achieve this. Whether it’s through in-office massages, lunch breaks together outside in the sunshine or watching a rare celestial event like a solar eclipse, we’re always finding ways to keep our pack motivated and feeling fresh. And today we were lucky enough to do all three!

Corporate massages are a team favourite and always go down well with the staff. Today a professional masseuse from Corporate Hands came in today to help staff relax, recharge and reset. We know that our employees work hard, so we want to make sure they have a chance to unwind and relax – there’s nothing quite like a good massage to help break up the work week.

And today was extra special because we also got to witness a rare celestial event, the solar eclipse. It’s the first total solar eclipse in WA since 1974, and the next solar eclipse isn’t for a while, so we wanted to make the most of the opportunity together. While some of the team preferred to watch a live stream from where the action was taking place in Exmouth, other dogs were pretty excited to take a break from our daily routine to step outside to witness a partial solar eclipse firsthand.

We also love taking breaks outside to soak up some vitamin D and enjoy each other’s company. Today we made the most of sun shining and headed to the park for our lunch break. We’ll often head outside for a walk or throw around a frisbee. It’s amazing how much better we feel after a little fresh air and sunshine!

All these activities help to keep us feeling fresh, motivated, and healthy. We’re proud to be a company that takes care of its staff, both physically and mentally. It’s this culture and these types of initiatives that make our team such a supportive and safe network, and it’s what makes our office a genuinely enjoyable place to work every day. Don’t forget to check in on your colleagues, friends, and family and take care of yourself!