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Easter Celebrations for the Painted Dogs

April 18, 2023


The hot cross buns might have disappeared from the shops.. but we’re still coming down from our Easter high. Last week we took full advantage of the festivities and the pack shared some hot cross buns and laughter to celebrate Easter and ease us all out of the long weekend. We took morning tea very seriously and got out the toaster to warm up our favourite type of hot cross buns, slathered them with butter and dug in.  

Also.. what is Easter without an egg hunt? It seems that only kids get them these days, but we can assure you that adults enjoy them too. The chocolates were spread around the office for us to find – including one on the seat of an unlucky pack member that wasn’t found until it was too late… But needless to say, we all embraced our inner child and enjoyed ourselves. We hope you all enjoyed your Easter break as much as we did!