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Febfast 2023

February 3, 2023


We love participating in Febfast and using Feb’s 28 days to start a new habit or to put an end to a habit that we’ve picked up. It’s a great way to reflect and try and better ourselves for the year ahead. The #febfast challenge is an event organised by YSAS (Youth Support + Advocacy Services) – helping young people overcome addiction, mental ill-health and disadvantage.

023’s list of Feb ‘goals’ as follows:


Exercising more
Replacing youtube with audio books
Replacing 15 min of scrolling in bed to reading before sleeping

Sushi, Cold Meats, High intensity exercise
Buying coffee
Eating out for lunch (unless special days)
Full strength beer
Online shopping
Scrolling in bed at night
Stop biting my nails

We’ve participated in Febfast a few years running now, and it’s a great way to challenge ourselves and raise awareness for YSAS. Here are the things we have previously opted for:


Starting a new language and doing it every day, increasing the number of steps each day, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, meditating, starting a yoga challenge, eating a food/vegetable they’ve never had before each week, cooking a meal they’ve never made each week and trying a new restaurant each week.


Buying lunch, buying take away coffee, eating red meat, fries / fried food, chocolate, alcohol, dairy, pasta / rice, baked treats / desserts.

To take on your own 28 day challenge or to learn more visit: