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New Kids on the block!

January 13, 2023


Time moves quickly for the Painted Dogs and just like that, it’s a new year and we’ve found the need for more staff. The Melbourne team were lucky enough to secure Blair late last year – he flew across from New Zealand and brought with him a Master of Arts in politics, a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and has slotted into the team very well indeed. He’s one smart cookie and always willing to jump in and get his hands dirty – the team were ashamed to admit that Blair crossed off more cultural activities in his first month in Melbourne than the entire Melbourne team has done put together. We won’t hold it against them though..

Hayley joined the Perth office this week and we’re sure it’s been a wild ride. She is looking forward to putting her Bachelor of Business and her management skills to good use in market research; she’s cool, calm and collected and we can’t wait for her to get stuck in. We’re also really enjoying the beautiful fashion she’s wearing into the office each day – this woman has a good eye! As always with our new recruits, we feel lucky to have been chosen as their place of work, been even luckier to have snatched them off the market. Welcome Blair and Hayley!

Take a read below about their first weeks with the Dogs:

1. Why Painted Dog? What attracted you to us?
B: I’m a newbie to market research, so it was a combination of the industry itself and the culture on display. I was looking for a career change to something that would allow me to use my research skills, so market research seemed like a good fit. It was clear looking through the website that Painted Dog has a great workplace culture, which was a big plus too.
H: I am really interested in the Market Research industry and heard that Painted Dog is a leader in the industry, so it made sense to join the pack! I also love the idea of working with a company with such a focus on positive and empowering workplace culture.

2. What are you most excited about / looking forward to in your role?
B: Finding the answers to intriguing questions. And getting to work on a large variety of projects.
H: I am really excited to learn all about the research process and to work with a variety of clients! Also, very keen to get to know the team.

3. What was the highlight of your first week?
B: Getting into a dataset and beginning to find the story within it – that moment of “ah ha” is super satisfying.
H: Get Chunky cookies for afternoon tea on my first day!

4. Best piece of advice you received from another staff member so far?
B: It’s very basic but has been a bit of a lifesaver: put emails into folders!
H: To get to the sushi store before 1pm or it’ll be sold out!

So far, both newbies have excelled at Painted Dog and passed the most important test so far – bringing in baked goods – well done guys!