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Another West Australian and PDR Collaboration

January 11, 2023


Welcome back for the new year! We started the year in true Painted Dog style, speaking to the people of WA about issues that matter most, to help make a positive difference. Heading into 2023, WA has voiced its approval for an Indigenous voice to Parliament.

Currently, there is a proposal for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament, that would enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to provide advice to the WA Parliament on policies and projects that affect their lives. In the coming months, campaigns which support this initiative will be launched – and it’s anticipated that the Government will make its first formal steps towards this referendum when Parliament returns for the new year.

Late last week, we spoke to n=1,124 West Aussies and asked if they supported an Indigenous Voice to Parliament with over half of people supporting the proposal (51%). About 1 in 5 (22%) said that they don’t know enough about the proposal to have an opinion and only 27% opposed it. This shows a really strong level of existing community support for the proposal – but also an opportunity to educate more on the importance of the Voice through the upcoming campaigns.

For this proposal to be successful, the referendum needs an overall majority of Australians and for the Yes vote to win in at least 4 States. The vote could take place as early as August according to Indigenous Australians Minister, Linda Burney.

Here at Painted Dog we love to see monumental changes like these and are honoured to play even a small part in making a big difference.

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