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August 31, 2022


A fantastic two days of knowledge sharing at the 2022 Human Insights Conference #HUMIN22.  With a plethora of great content, 5 favourite moments doesn’t feel like enough. But if we start with one of the concepts referenced by co-chair Sonny Sethi ‘TLDR – Too long didn’t read’ and from the CMO debate “nobody wants to read 100 pages of data” then 5 feels like a good place to start, and that’s number 1 of 5!

  1. The power of data to provide an objective view – once I saw it, I couldn’t unsee it”- Libbie Doherty from the ABC discussing gender bias in kids TV shows and how a data point triggered a push for greater gender equality (and completely rewriting some scripts). What was the data presented? In the Disney film ‘Frozen’, the two lead characters are female, but the data showed male characters had more lines.
  2. Tom Nash’s presentation on Universal Design – an inspirational story about thriving in the face of adversity and bringing a new perspective to problem solving “solving the problem backwards”. And not to mention the amazing delivery – you easily could have confused the presentation with stand-up at the Fringe Comedy Festival with many laugh out loud moments (and even a snort at one point).
  3. When it comes to quantitative research, is size everything? Painted Dog’s Justin & Matt took the stage to spark a discussion around the power of small data, and if and when small data has a role to play in research, how it can support agile research and marketing, and when size does and doesn’t matter.
  4. Is online qual the future? Or a band aid solution for covid? Great debate from Kylie & Fiona at Whereto around the pros and cons of online qual. Guest presenter Louis Theroux might disagree (he maintains that face to face should always be the first choice where possible), but with the benefit of engaging with people regardless of location (and without the budget of the BBC), we’re big fans of online qual! This talk was a great reminder to use all our tools in our toolkit to facilitate natural discussions online. And we loved this analogy – “online groups should feel like a soccer match, bouncing off each other, not a tennis match, hitting questions back and forth to the moderator”.


Justin and Matt presenting