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Willkommen zurück (welcome back) Andrew!

April 1, 2022


Over the last 9 months, the pack’s very own Data Tech Manager, Andrew, has been living it up abroad in the heart of Europe. If you’ll remember, Andrew moved to Dusseldorf, Germany in June 2021 with his partner Alex. Despite the freezing cold Christmas and early morning wakeups, Andrew has been able to keep the Data Tech team chugging along smoothly with his trademark expert precision.

However, now that Western Australia’s borders have re-opened, Andrew and Alex (plus their new addition, Alicia) have returned to where it all began for them. Andrew has been back in the office and keeping things jovial: plenty of jokes, trips to the Garden, and good times have been had by all now that the pack is (almost) all back together again! When he hasn’t been meeting the new additions who joined the team since he left, or working hard, he has been making the most of being in Perth – enjoying the warmer Australian climate and the beer that is (supposedly) better in Australia!

Andrew will be in Perth for another month or so, with plans for many more team catch ups before he heads back to Germany. The whole pack is certainly keen to make the most of this time together. Willkommen zurück, Andrew!