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Weekend Adventures – Fun, fright and just a little hike

February 22, 2022


After a big week in the office – the pack hit the town, going to a pair of Fringe shows. First up was Séance, a multi-sensory experience found within a 40ft shipping container. The pack sat together at a long table immersed in pitch black and listened to an audio that, through bone chilling whispers and screams, took you through an attempt to contact the dead.   

While this show was not for the faint-hearted, thankfully we all made it out alive (admittedly some of us held hands to get through the scares).  

The pack then continued onto the Comedy Lounge – where we watched the highly anticipated Best of the Fest. An hour long, jam-packed show with a series of Fringe’s top stand-up comedians. These comedians did not disappoint, and by the end of the show the whole team was aching from laughter.  

On our way out, we also got to enjoy the fabulous tradition of the Comedy Lounge, ending the show with a sing-a-long. All pack members got to enjoy “Sweet Caroline” stuck in their head all weekend… 

Following an action-packed Friday evening, a few of the pack made their way to Bells Rapids to complete a nice Saturday morning hike the next morning – where the pack navigated their way through a combination of rocky sections, hill and bushy terrain. What a way to hit their 10,000 step target! 

This hike marked the beginning of a few members’ training for Cape to Cape – so stay tuned for many more hikes to come.  

Bring on this weekend!