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Romance is NOT dead!

February 14, 2022


The topic was raised in our lunchroom a week or so ago and we discussed how we personally feel about Valentine’s Day and whether we celebrate the occasion. The majority of us (minus a couple of diehard romantics) don’t celebrate at all and so we took to the polls to ask a couple of very important questions about love.

It would seem that WA feels slightly more romantic than the employees at Painted Dog with only 36% thinking it’s  waste of money and 26% declaring Valentine’s Day a good excuse to celebrate – aww. Let’s all spare a moment to think of the 5% who wish their partners celebrated Valentine’s Day though…


‘What is the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day’ showed the romantics are mostly celebrating with food, the cheese platter and a bottle of wine while watching the sun go down being the most popular choice (iconic WA answer if you ask me) and an adorable 14% declaring that every day is Valentine’s Day as far as they’re concerned! See the rest of the results below:


But you know, we like to ask the tough questions. We wanted to know the worst way to spend Valentine’s Day. A very depressing but understandable majority of votes went to your date not showing up at all (Why do people do this?), followed by the horrifying response, ‘You run into their ex’ – no, thanks.

27% of people responded with ‘other’ to this question, so we took a look and here’s a few that stood out:


So whether you celebrate the day or not, Happy Valentine’s Day from the team at Painted Dog Research! 

As I was about to press ‘publish’ on this post, we had a delivery… the first of the Painted Dogs to receive flowers…lucky Jordan!