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Halloween haunts the Painted Dog office!

October 29, 2021


What better excuse for spicing up a Friday than Halloween!

The pack got into the (early) Halloween spirit with dress-ups, decorations, food, and activities aplenty. Top marks must go to Chris and Justin for getting well and truly into the spirit once again – see below (maybe they enjoy dressing as crazed axe murderers a little too much?).

This year, we had a broad range of costumes: witches, a cop, a pregnant bunny rabbit, even a Pterodactyl! Big screen characters weren’t in short supply either, with Batgirl, Mia Wallace (of Pulp Fiction fame), Pennywise, Indiana Jones as well as Sesame Street’s loveable duo Ernie and Bert.

And of course (because 2021) a guard from Squid Game made an appearance too…


But what’s Halloween without Trick or Treat? We opted for treats! For morning tea we were spoilt with some delicious homemade cakes, cookies and brownies (and yes, the scariest thing about those was the calories!).


We even got out and about to scare some of the friendly locals in Leederville…

It was great to see everyone get into the spirit of the day and have a few laughs. Stay spooky everyone!