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Dynamic Duo

October 8, 2021


It’s been a mammoth few months for Painted Dog.. a mammoth year? A behemoth of a financial year? However you want to describe it, we’ve been busy. BUT it’s never too late to introduce new pack members (even if they started in September)…right? Finding these two hidden gems will be a great way to end the year – the future is bright indeed. 

So! An official (and huge) welcome to the Pack; we can’t wait to see what we will achieve together! As per Painted Dog tradition, we asked Hayley and Catherine to answer a couple of questions about their first week here. Catch their answers below: 

1. Why Painted Dog? What attracted you to us?

H: Apart from the adorable mascot? The vibrancy of Painted Dog’s branding and energy appears to be infectious and inherent in the culture here.

C: Was looking forward to a new challenge with diverse work! And honestly, the team seemed passionate but also fun!

2. What are you most excited about / looking forward to in your role?

H: Getting to work with the awesome variety of clients: big and small, local and national, public and private 😊 And getting to know the team!

C: Getting into some new areas of research, expanding my knowledge, and learning more.

3. What was the highlight of your first week?

H: The branding session – can’t wait to start making beautiful and insightful deliverables with the vibrant Painted Dog design.

C: By far had to be the welcome afternoon tea, food and cake in particular always make me happy but also the warm welcome I received!

4. Best piece of advice you received from another staff member so far?

H: A well organised inbox will make life a lot easier once my plate is well and truly filled with projects!

C: Go when the bell rings, as it might mean there’s food! And also to always sing out to the team if you need help – they’re always there and willing to help you!