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Harmony Week ’21: Celebrating Office Diversity

March 19, 2021

Australia’s population continues to naturally grow in diversity every year… and so does our pack.

A whole week is dedicated to celebrating the wide range of unique cultures that is now imbedded in the Australian identity; Harmony Week.

The latest ABS 2020 migration data tell us three in ten Australians are from overseas, equating to currently 7.5 million Australians born and rooted in diverse cultures. This diversity is something to be proud of as it continues to give Australia a rich future. Conversely, this diversity is no different to our offices. Our Pack is made up of members from all corners of the world. We have people and families from North America, China, Italy, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, The UK, and even Malta! But what is common is that we’re all proud to be Australian.

How We Celebrated

PD planned a cultural picnic lunch out of the office, where everyone was encouraged to bring food from a different country. We also gave a theme for this week’s casual Friday! Everyone in the office was encouraged to wear the colour orange. Not because we’re celebrating our very own Imogen’s Dutch heritage, but because orange signifies freedom of ideas, encouragement of mutual respect, and a show of support for Australia’s continued inclusivity.

Why Harmony Week is Important to Us

In our line of work, it’s important to understand perspective and be open to ideas from all places. Part of our duty and aim in our mission is to listen to people, collate different opinions on an array of topics and give a voice to every demographic of the community. Our goal has always been to create a positive impact. Recognition, awareness and acceptance of the very diversified Australia we live in, is crucial for achieving our goals as a company.

So here’s to a proud and ever growing Australia!
From the PD Pack.