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West Aussies coming together in times of disaster

February 5, 2021


We’ve all seen the footage of the devastating bushfires that have ravaged the north east of our home city Perth over the past week.

With 81 homes destroyed (at the time of writing this), we wanted to get an understanding of how willing, if at all, West Aussies would be at helping out those who are in need. Our recent poll showed that 90% of us are willing to contribute towards helping out in some way or another.

Of those n=877 who responded, 59% said they’d be willing to donate food and grocery items, just over half (52%) offered clothing donations, 44% said they’d be willing to donate household items and more than 2 in 5 (42%) would be willing to donate money.

The good news is, the Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund has been activated, which will allow West Aussies to give whatever they can and help the bushfire victims. And with more than $4million already raised we can be proud of the way we’ve come together to support those who need it right now – this is certainly one of WA’s worse ever bushfire disasters.

We also wanted to give a special shout out to all the frontline firefighters and volunteers who are doing an absolutely fantastic job!


To find out more information about People’s Voice and how you can get involved, visit the website: