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Murder Mystery at PDR

November 4, 2020


We will find ANY excuse to have fun.

Halloween was no exception. There was a challenge set to the office: a murderer is loose and will be delivering red stickers to mark your death throughout the day. But wait. Enter plot twist. There were two murderers, their identities secret even from each other (well, that was until late afternoon when killing people actually became very challenging and collaboration was required to continue the death count).

Between the two of us, that is I (Imogen) and Sean (my wonderfully stealthy partner in crime), we knocked off a good 50% of the office. Our biggest challenge was operating undetected within close proximity to Viper. In fact there were a few tense interrogations lead by Viper but I’m glad to say Sean and I survived the heat. 

Enjoy a couple of humorous ‘deaths’ below: