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Inspiring the future generations

October 15, 2020


This week Painted Dog was lucky enough to be invited to Notre Dame university to speak about marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic – and how companies survived this tough time.

The event was run by Notre Dame University’s Marketing and PR students as part of their event management unit, giving invited speakers the opportunity to share their experiences and insights learned from throughout the pandemic.

We sent gun Account Director, Marissa Barbaro (front and centre below), and Account Executive Sean Kilpa to fly the flag and speak about the work Painted Dog does, the impact of COVID-19 on the market research industry and how we survived.

Joining Marissa on stage was Mark Bryant, Head of Marketing and Commercial at Bar Pop, and Chris Evans, Director of Experlio.

Well done Marissa, thanks for putting your best paw forward and representing the amazing work our pack does!