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Congrats, Ivan – our newest ‘Master’

October 9, 2020


We’ve got a lot of talented and bright people at Painted Dog, but we never get tired of celebrating our pack’s accomplishments – especially when they’re as big as completing a 40,000+ word thesis!

A huge congratulations to Ivan Zhang, one of our gun account executives, for completing his Masters of Research at UWA. As part of his thesis, Ivan carried out a series of experiments in behavioural economics and consumer psychology to identify new nudges for sustainable consumption.

His work has some seriously cool implications for marketing theory and practice – in short, the focus of the project was to find ways for social marketers and government organisations to effectively encourage sustainable consumption behaviours by examining the effects of various levels of complexity in educational content.

We know, it sounds pretty complicated… but it’s a big deal! It offers important contributions on the effective design of social marketing interventions and provides a better understanding of how exposure to marketing content affect consumers’ thinking, attitudes and behaviour.

We’re so proud of all your hard work on this accomplishment, Ivan – and we’re extremely fortunate to have you as part of the pack at Painted Dog. Here’s to your continued success!