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New recruit!

August 12, 2020

Jordan has been with the team for a solid month now, and we thought we’d share some info about his experience with us so far!


Why Painted Dog? What attracted you to the team?

I first heard about Painted Dog after researching local market research firms while at university and when I saw the job being advertised about a year later I was excited to apply. The ad stood out because it wasn’t interested in a cookie-cut grad, and as a whole felt like it was part of a clear and interesting brand, which was pretty scarce on Seek. Seeing the ad made me motivated to reassess how I was applying for work, and redo all my documentation – no ad I’d seen before had motivated me like this before.

As I met members of the team during interviews and saw the work culture it made me more confident in Painted Dog. The ad itself had communicated the brand’s values but seeing them in action was surprising, other firms often listed values that felt cliché or exaggerated, but to see a firm that on every level embodied their values was impressive. In the final stages of my application, COVID put everything on hold and I was fairly sure I’d have to continue looking for work. Fortunately for me, Painted Dog is great at what it does and found ways to continue to grow and take me on, keeping me updated throughout lockdown and making me feel valued.

What are you most excited about and looking forward to?

I’m really excited about staying engaged, working on new and challenging projects, and enjoying working with the team.

What was the highlight of your first week at Painted Dog?

Inconspicuously getting the answers to the Painted Dog quiz from the team [a fun PDR hazing ritual].

Best piece of advice you were given by a PDR staff member?

Don’t say yes to everything, know your capabilities and plan ahead to avoid getting overwhelmed.