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Our market research shows Perth people want to continue to work from home

May 7, 2020


For some of us, we’re at almost eight weeks of working from home.

We’ve settled into the day to day routines of not having to commute into the office, instead making the much shorter trip down the hall with our fresh cup of coffee, more than likely with ugg boots on, to get started with our day. We log on and make those first connections with teammates, check emails, and just like that the work day commences.

We know the routines by now when it comes to video conferencing, the occasional dog barking in the background, or a child’s face popping into screen. And you know what? We’re OK with that.

It seems that while there are more people heading back to the office after school holidays, there is still the desire to take advantage of what we’ve come to terms with and continue these new habits. More than seven out of ten (71%) West Australians told us in our latest People Voice™ survey that they’d be willing to continue working from home when possible, even after some restrictions are lifted. And for those with young families, it rises to almost eight in ten (79%). That extra time with the kids seems to be a pretty important perk!

Stay tuned as we keep sharing our results. And be sure to stay safe and be kind to one another!


The People’s Voice was designed to help anyone – businesses and individuals – ask questions and understand the thoughts and feelings of West Australians.

People’s Voice gives you the chance to ask both current and potential customers what their attitudes and opinions are towards your brand or products and have the ability track these as we navigate through these unprecedented changes in our world.

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