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The Painted Dogs riding like girls

October 1, 2019


Racing and Wagering WA (RWWA) recently invited us to an exclusive screening of ‘Ride Like A Girl’, a movie celebrating the first woman to ever take out the Melbourne Cup.

Not only was the movie great, but we got to hear Michelle Payne herself talk about her career, as well as award-winning actress-turned-director, Rachel Griffiths, talk about her inspiration for the movie.

Rachel Griffiths (centre), the director of ‘Ride Like A Girl’, chats with our client Charlotte Mills (left) and Melbourne Cup winner Michelle Payne about what the film means for women, the industry and the future of The Cup.

One of our principals, Justin, was invited to the preview screening and launch of the movie. Besides being a great movie, he said it also made him think about the important role organisations like RWWA play in the industry, especially in protecting the wellbeing of the horses themselves.

 “It’s a great story about Michelle’s inspirational journey to get where she is, but it also showcased the amazing power and nature of horses. It made me think how, without governing bodies like RWWA, these beautiful animals would not have anyone in their corner”

There’s a lot of misconceptions about RWWA, like what they do and where they stand on the treatment of horses. Not many people are aware that one of RWWA’s primary goals is to protect the wellbeing of horses (and greyhounds) in WA, and that a substantial proportion of its profits from the wagering side of its business go towards the protection of these great animals. It’s important that people know about the good that RWWA does and how it differs from other profit-driven wagering organisations.

We’re glad RWWA’s around to keep an eye on things, and we also want to thank our RWWA racing clients for inviting us to the event –  it’s always fun horsing around with you!


Check out the trailer to ‘Ride Like A Girl’ below.