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Happy 12th Birthday, Painted Dog (and 5 reasons we’re still around!)

September 20, 2019

This week Painted Dog Research celebrates its 12th birthday as a registered business!

12 years ago, Claudia and Justin knew there was something missing in the market research industry and set out on a mission to fix it. Lucky for us, they had the guts, grit and determination to do it and began building Painted Dog Research. A year later, Chris joined the pack to help them build it and the trio have worked tirelessly to turn it into the biggest and most successful agency in WA!

There’s a lot of reasons why Painted Dog is still around after 12 years and hasn’t become just another failed business statistic – but we’ve picked 5 things we think makes us so special.

1. We push boundaries and innovate… constantly!

There really is no other agency like us. We’ve grown by constantly evolving and always looking for better ways of doing things, like building our own in-house data tech team, leading the way with new technologies, and launching a powerhouse data science unit.

In every project we take on, our sole aim is to make a difference for our clients. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to turn research results into actionable marketing advice and engaging with all levels of an organisation to help insights make their way to the frontline.

2. No brief’s too big, too small, or too difficult.

Whether it’s big, competitive government tenders or small ‘cold call’ briefs from a local business or non-profit (and everything in between), we’re down for it! We’re hungry to work with diverse clients on all kinds of projects, and we have the skills and business acumen to back it up.

We spend our time developing solutions to solve specific problems and don’t believe in ‘off the rack’ solutions that won’t solve the problem. From exploring new technologies (like neuro and virtual reality) to innovative methodologies (like Secret Agents) and ways of collecting data (like ChatBots), we make sure we’re ready to handle anything, anytime. It’s all part of staying at the leading edge and ahead of the game.

3. Our people are passionate and hard-working – but know how to have fun!

Let’s face it – there’s nothing worse than coming to a place every day with people who don’t want to be there and don’t love what they do. Luckily, we don’t know what that’s like. Us Painted Dogs are all here because we’re passionate about finding answers, solving problems, delivering insights and are committed to doing great, meaningful work. Just spend some time with us and you’ll see what we mean!

Every single one of us goes above and beyond to make sure we bring our clients our very best – it makes us feel good too!

4. We aim to make a positive difference in everything we do.

That’s our vision at Painted Dog, and we live it every day. From providing actionable insights that allow our clients to take things to the next level, to our pro bono work for charities, NFPs and other deserving businesses. We aim to make a real impact in everything we do and our vision inspires us when things get tough!

5. We’ve stayed true to who we are.

Over all the years and through all the changes—to the industry and our team of around 25 full-time consultants—we’ve never lost sight of our commitment to providing fresh thinking, useful solutions and strong value.

We have a hunger for insight and love the freedom and flexibility of being 100% privately owned. Throughout our growth we’ve never forgotten who we are or what makes us successful. We’ve never broken our promises…& don’t intend to.